Interior Design

Understanding that no two people are the same, we believe in a fully bespoke service. We inspire our clients and tailor designs to each individual and specific need, always striving to profoundly improve the function of their home and the quality of their lives. An open, honest two-way dialogue is paramount in our Studio’s philosophy. We ascertain your vision then develop, perfect and refine each design with as much or little of your involvement as desired.


turnkey & Styling

Styling is a thoughtful process that considers lighting, texture, colour, function and the flow from room to room. With as much or as little of your involvement as desired we are able to decorate and furnish your home so that you are able to move in seamlessly. Subtly update, refine, reuse or reupholster current pieces or we are able to completely furnish and equip your new property to the finite detail. Giving your space a new face, integrating the old with the new, your home will be your favourite place to be.



We work with clients at the initial stages and are able to develop architectural drawings in order to submit planning applications. We also liaise directly with talented architects and lighting designers in order to develop loose concepts and ideas into thoughtful and functional designs. This includes lighting and electrical plans, spatial planning and layouts through to the finer architectural detailing and material specifications.


Bespoke Furniture & Joinery

Our creative designers work closely with talented British craftsmen to create beautiful, custom-made furniture. From upholstery to stunning combinations of wood, metal and glass we ensure your vision becomes reality. We also design built in cabinetry, from whole kitchens to wardrobes maximising storage in awkward spaces. Favouring traditional techniques our furniture is thoughtfully considered and always of quality guaranteed to be loved and admired for years to come.


art sourcing & procurement

We are well connected in helping your clients to obtain exceptional works of art. Aside from Charlotte's own sculptures - available in a variety of mediums from marble to bronze - her extensive network of Art Consultants are adept in  the sourcing and procurement of artworks ranging from Contemporary sculpture to Old Masters. Whatever the budget, however outlandish the request, we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients are matched with works of art that will be handed down through the generations.


Fabric & Wallpaper Collection

British Heritage and the Old World are the principal inspirations  behind the designs of our first collection launching later this year. We are excited to instigate the same feelings of happiness, peace and wellbeing that were the driving force behind their production. The collection will be fully customisable, 100% British designed and manufactured from sustainable resources honouring our quest to minimise detrimental impact on the environment.